Carrier 30xa схема

carrier 30xa схема
The second type is by 4 to 20 mA signal input which will reduce the 42 6 5 Degrees Reset (deg F) 4 Cooling Reset Deg. Equipment mode provides access only to the chiller’s MBB via the Local Equipment Network (LEN) Bus. The outside temperature at which full temperature reset is required, OAT Full Reset Temp (OAT Full Reset Value, CRO2) must be set.

When additional capacity is required, the next circuit with the lowest compressor wear factor is started with its slide valve at minimum position. As additional capacity is required, the slide valve for a circuit will be adjusted in approximately 5% increments to match capacity requirements. When configured, if Flow Checked if Pump Off (Flow Checked if C Pump Off, P.LOC) is set to YES, the control will monitor the chilled water flow switch status and will alarm if the pump is commanded off and the chilled water flow switch is closed. Quick Commissioning (P0010=1) — It is important that parameter P0010 is used for commissioning and P0003 is used to select the number of parameters to be accessed. Both relays connected to these contacts must be rated for a maximum power draw of 10 va sealed, 25 va inrush at 24 volts. Проблематика Неспециалистов в области кондиционирования обычно поражает, что кондиционер производит в три раза больше холода, чем потребляет электроэнергии из сети.

Sizes 140,160, Standard Pass, No Pump, 380V-575V. 30XA Revit File. Seal circuits being serviced and charge with dry nitrogen to prevent oil contamination when timely repairs cannot be completed. Press an existing Setting the Time and Date — The ComfortLink™ control has a time and date function. There can be only one broadcast acknowledger per CCN bus. NOTE: The display must be in Network mode and this decision set to Yes for broadcast acknowledgement to be enabled.

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