Схема revox b77

схема revox b77
Suffice it to say that, with its recommended tape, hiss was completely inaudible except when listening at very high levels to material with wide dynamic range. As a ready comparison, 59dB S/N is better than what comes off a typical Dolbyized disc. Revox предназначен для удовлетворения запросов серьезных аудиофилов и профессиональных студий. Solutions are available for all imaginable application possibilities up to the control via Apple products with the corresponding Apps. Достался сабж, в не в лучшем состоянии и с дефектом. The launch of the Revox A77 marked the start of the company’s most successful tape recorder range. Усилитель подключается отдельно: Мощность 2 x 8 Вт RMS, музыкальная мощность 2 x 10 Вт, сопротивление 4 -16 Ом, искажения менее 1%. Электропитание: Стабилизированное.

This is not recommended reading for the casual hobbyist who is weak on the technicalia. Complete remote control and synchronizing facilities for multitrack recorders. Produced from about 1985. Many consider ReVox open-reel tape recorders to be high-end audio equipment.

Email me with your return email address for a copy of the current ReVox equipment lists. Есть ли смысл туда же подать сигнал с пред-усилителя? The principle of electronically regulating a sturdy asynchronous motor by means of a separate precision reference has stood the test so well that it has been adopted for the STUDER professional tape recorders years ago. Рабочее положение: Вертикальное или горизонтальное ЭЛЕКТРИЧЕСКИЕ ПАРАМЕТРЫ Мониторинг: Воспроизведение и запись в режиме стерео, а также полное тестирование параметров магнитной ленты. Technical information, including operating manuals, service manuals, schematics, or just plain old fashioned help!

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